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2008-09-06 04:33:03 by The-Scarecrow

Finally my compilation album is released: Seriously Horrendous Incorrigible Tracks.

Track Listing

After about a year in the making, it's finally finished, and about time too. This compilation contains songs by me, Audix, Exilement, the Destroyer, Delta 9, Venetian Snares, Kwwrr, and more.
_Chaote__-_Seriously_Horrendous_Incorr igible_Tracks.part1.rar
_Chaote__-_Seriously_Horrendous_Incorr igible_Tracks.part2.rar
_Chaote__-_Seriously_Horrendous_Incorr igible_Tracks.part3.rar
_Chaote__-_Seriously_Horrendous_Incorr igible_Tracks.part4.rar

Took forever to upload, and each part is 40 MB.

Enjoy! Or don't.

Please do not redistribute, some songs are used without permission. This is more of a collection then an album, mainly for lulz only, not profit.

Oh, and, by the way, I'm Chaote.


I'm actually very proud of this one, it's an ambient song with doom, and it turned out just the way I wanted it to, so instead of just not bothering, I decided to post it here.

It's called 'Life on Another Planet'. 713b4b7/Life_on_Another_Planet.html

Fucking 8mb limit.

Also I added/am adding a couple more songs.

New Song - Golden Aura

2007-10-12 23:44:14 by The-Scarecrow




Er, I mean:

Oh, how unfortunate, the file size is too large, I suppose I'll just have to post it through this news thing.


Anyway, I made another song, of course, as I seem to be churning one out every few days at minimum (although not as fast any more, school started again), but this one, I feel, is rather worth posting on NG without having to cut it up, so I'll just post it.

This song is called "Golden Aura". deb3afa/Golden_Aura.html


2007-10-09 02:32:47 by The-Scarecrow

Remember that song I submitted ages ago, 'Inside the Machine'? I did a bit of a remix, (Headphones Mix) and played around with things like panning etc. It now sounds quite awesome with surround sound or headphones. Check it out!


2007-10-02 19:44:48 by The-Scarecrow

been posting moar music and voting on submissions and blamming and protecting and levelling up.

Have a look at some of the music.

Hay guise

2007-09-22 21:18:28 by The-Scarecrow

Just thought I'd mention that you should have a look at the Madness Tutorial - it might help you a bit - and my Madness Day entry (r8 gud!).

Also I want to stop that thing from telling me I have no entries here.