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2008-09-06 04:33:03 by The-Scarecrow

Finally my compilation album is released: Seriously Horrendous Incorrigible Tracks.

Track Listing

After about a year in the making, it's finally finished, and about time too. This compilation contains songs by me, Audix, Exilement, the Destroyer, Delta 9, Venetian Snares, Kwwrr, and more.
_Chaote__-_Seriously_Horrendous_Incorr igible_Tracks.part1.rar
_Chaote__-_Seriously_Horrendous_Incorr igible_Tracks.part2.rar
_Chaote__-_Seriously_Horrendous_Incorr igible_Tracks.part3.rar
_Chaote__-_Seriously_Horrendous_Incorr igible_Tracks.part4.rar

Took forever to upload, and each part is 40 MB.

Enjoy! Or don't.

Please do not redistribute, some songs are used without permission. This is more of a collection then an album, mainly for lulz only, not profit.

Oh, and, by the way, I'm Chaote.



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